The pleasures of the palate in Funes

Breakfast with our fresh farmhouse produce

Start your holiday on the right track with a rich breakfast! We provide our farm-made and fresh produce, such as milk, butter and jam, and the village’s baker provides the fresh bread.

Traditional, typical and tasty: this is true South Tyrolean cuisine

South Tyrolean cuisine is rich and varied, it being a blend of the local recipes with the tasty ingredients of the south, resulting in simple and yet refined dishes. Discover the delectable specialties of the local cuisine and delight in these extraordinary gastronomic experiences. One of the staple ingredients of our cooking is also the hospitality with which we treat our guests in Funes and environs.

Local dishes for everyone

Modern South Tyrolean dishes are a fusion of the local and mostly Tyrolean (German) recipes with the Mediterranean cuisine from which it has acquired the taste for aromatic herbs, selected olive oils and refined dishes.

Each dish expresses a care for detail and the choice of using selected local ingredients. We are sure that even the youngest of our guests will learn to love them.

Following is a selection of local restaurants we wish to recommend:

Restaurant Pizzeria Viel Nois

St. Peter 77 – St. Peter/Villnöß

Tel. +39 0472 840526 – Fax +39 0472 841591

E-Mail: – Web:

Pitzock “essen & trinken”

St. Peter 106 – St. Peter/Villnöß

Tel. +39 0472 840127 – Fax +39 0472 841542

E-Mail: – Web:

Jausenstation Gsoihof

St. Peter 48 – Villnöss

Tel. +39 0472 840003 – Fax + 39 0472 840003

Opening hours: 01. october – ca. 20 april

Hotel Ranuimüllerhof

St. Magdalena 38 – St. Magdalena/Villnöß

Tel. +39 0472 840182 – Fax +39 0472 840545



Jausentstation Moarhof

St. Jakob 18a – Villnöss

Tel. + 39 0472 840318 – Fax + 39 0472 840318



Pizzeria Bar Café Dreimädelhaus

St. Jakob 23 – St. Jakob/Villnöß

Tel. +39 0472 840102