The environs of the Mühlerhof

South Tyrolean cultural treasures

If you love to discover new cultures, history and traditions, then South Tyrol is the place for you. The cultural life of South Tyrol, with its valleys and mountains, in fact is as rich and varied as its scenery.

South Tyrol, its people, its history and its culture

As a cultural crossroads between North and South, South Tyrol expresses the influence of Romanic and Germanic traditions. The ancient traditions, a strong bond with the history, individuality and the land are mirrored today in South Tyrolean customs and peoples. In the Province’s many museums visitors will see the archeological findings and cultural treasures that testify to a hard past, and will experience an interesting trip through history.

The romantic village of Chiusa

Chiusa today is still one of Italy’s most beautiful ancient villages. It fascinates its visitors with its crenellated facades, wide bow windows and the historical defence walls that give it a special charm. Come and stroll through the romantic alleys of the ancient town centre or face the climb that leads to the gate of the Sabiona monastery.

The Sabiona monastery

The majestic monastery of the Benedictine nuns stands on a rock spur above the small town of Chiusa. The Sabiona hill and monastery deserve special attention for their high archeological, historical and artistic value. The monastery is reached with a 40 minute walk, starting in the town of Chiusa and up along a stone stairway accessed through a small door opened in the town’s walls. The ring road leads back to Chiusa along the promenade.

The town of Bressanone

Bressanone is the most ancient town in South Tyrol, as testified by the remains of a settlement dating back to 1,000-500 B.C., excavated in the ancient Stufles district. The town offers many attractions: the town’s cathedral with its famous cloister, the diocesan museum, the bishop’s palazzo and many others of great artistic value. Bressanone, however, is also the ideal venue for shopping!

The Archaeology Museum of South Tyrol in Bolzano

“The Ice Man” on display at the South Tyrol archaeology museum is by now one of the world’s most famous and important mummies. Visit Bolzano, the province’s administrative centre, and go see Ötzi, as he is called. The city will also enchant you with its picturesque historical centre that develops around Piazza Walther, with its cathedral, Piazza del Grano, and Piazza Municipio and its extraordinary porticoes. In addition to its museums and tourist attractions, Bolzano also abounds in shops, restaurants, bars and other interesting venues.

The Mineral Museum in Tiso

At the mouth of Val di Funes, the village of Tiso hosts a mineral museum where visitors can admire a large variety of crystals. The museum, that has gained renown for its so-called “Tiso geodes”, also offers its audience a documentary, a gift shop and excursions in search of minerals.

Merano thermal baths

The Merano thermal baths are the city’s new wellness oasis. Behind the clear and linear façade, the spa offers a reinterpretation of the great spa tradition of Merano. Engage in the pleasure of a day at the spa, relax in the many indoor and outdoor pools and in the spacious sauna area. Naturally, you can even give in to a massage or a beauty treatment, because this is the place where you are allowed everything that is good for you.

Messner Mountain Museums

The six MMM – Messner Mountain Museums are the brainchild of Funes’ most illustrious citizen, the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner. The museums are distributed throughout South Tyrol, and each one is dedicated to a specific theme and boasts a special architectural trait. Come and visit these unique museums and let them inspire you.

South Tyrolean culture and traditions

Participate in a traditional and solemn procession in Santa Maddalena, or attend a concert of the Funes musical band on a warm summer evening. Summer also awaits you with various Tyrolean style evenings or South Tyrolean traditional festivals in which to enjoy local specialties such as the “Tirtln” (spinach-filled pasta fritters). In autumn you mustn’t miss the traditional return of the livestock from the summer mountain pastures and the famous South Tyrol Speck festival held every year in Funes.